Rat Control Islington

Rat Control islington


In Islington and across London rats can be a big problem all throughout the year. The average adult rat can weigh between 12 to 16 ounces with a length of 6.8 inches. Rats mate throughout the year giving them the ability to spread quickly if the infestation is not treated.


Rats have very open noses and have small ears and small eyes. Their skin is usually shaggy and thick, with varying colors. Their tail is usually shorter than the length of their head and body together. Their droppings are a quarter up to half an inch long and are a form of capsule with blunt ends. They are usually a shiny black in colour but this varies according to their diets.


Our rat control team offers only the best services in eradicating and preventing rats in Islington and surrounding areas. Our pest control team are highly qualified and trained to face any kind of problems you may have with rats and eradicate the problem at the most reasonable price. Our team is waiting for your call right now, contact us for a free quote for the control of rats in Islington

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