Cockroach Control Islington


cockroach control islington


Cockroaches are among the most loathed pests in Islington and all over the UK. These bug like creatures hide in cracks and crevices in buildings where it is moist and warm, and close to where there is a food supply.


They are commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, but only appear at dusk or after dark. Most people discover that they have a cockroach infestation when they suddenly turn a light on and see the creatures scattering for cover from the light not something you want to see running around your home. Effective cockroach pest control relies on identifying where the cockroaches are living.

Cockroaches are social creatures that live and forage together. When the source of the cockroach infestation can be identified, a complete and permanent removal of cockroaches can be achieved. This includes the use of insecticides and should be carried out by trained professionals like one of our friendly Islington team members.


Our service includes, identifying the extent and degree of the cockroach infestation, identifying the species of cockroach so that appropriate cockroach treatment may be taken and also applying the most appropriate control treatment. Bait is commonly used. We also offer you advice on how to prevent further cockroach issues, including identification of different kinds of cockroaches.


You do not have to let cockroaches ruin your home. Our cockroach control services are obtainable 24/7. We operate a fixed and very fair cost for our services that covers all of Islington and surrounding areas.

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