Flea Control Islington

flea control islington


In Islington fleas are not generally responsible for the transmission of the disease. However, they are still unacceptable due to the fact that they bite humans and pets. A typical flea bite has a small blemish in the red center surrounded by an area of ??redness and some swelling. Most bites are below the knee reflecting the inability of the flea to jump higher even though a flea can jump up to 200 times their own height.


The bites usually persist for 1 to 2 days and can be irritating and itchy, scratching often leads to bleeding. It is important to note that certain people are more susceptible to flea bites than others. It is also possible to develop immunity and some people are naturally immune. This helps explain why not all members of a family seem to suffer from flea bites in a home infested with fleas.


Our experienced and qualified team of flea control experts in Islington use only the safest, most effective treatment on the market. Because eggs can continue to hatch up to 21 days after treatment, residual treatment is used which is mixed with water and when dissolved in a spray it is invisible. It is very safe and completely odourless. The flea treatment spray is sprayed on the carpet in a very low concentration masks are needed and there is no need to vacate your home. It is the safest and the most effective flea treatment available. We offer a competitive price for flea treatments in Islington and have considerable experience in providing fast, hassle free solutions to the flea problems. Please contact us for any advice or information you require.

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