Moth Control Islington


Moths do not pose a health risk but they are a nuisance, they are very attracted to domestic buildings like your Islington home and they like to buzz around lights at night time. An established moth infestation can cause havoc and will need to be identified and dealt with straight away by a professional moth controller. A few indication of moth damage would include maggot like larvae and also silken cases around your home in which moth larvae live.


They also damage fabrics and clothing too especially if they are damp or has a food stain on them. Our team of fully trained and highly experienced pest controllers can be at your home at a convenient time for you to inspect the moth infestation then get rid of your moth problems. They can also advise you on avoiding future infestations in your Islington home.


We are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When dealing with us you will receive full respect of your home and the most affordable professional friendly service. Our aim is to get everything back to normal in your Islington home and up and running with no more disturbances from unwanted pests.

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