Mouse Control Islington


Mouse control Islington


f mice are not controlled from entering your Islington home then over time they will get into your living areas and cause the place to smell. They love to chew electrical cords which can mean expensive work to get replacements.


If mice are making their nests in your attic in Islington, then you need to take immediate action. Mice nesting indicates an environment established for them and their numbers tend to be higher than you think. Dead mice in the wall cavity will cause a very bad smell and attract other insects.


Mice are common and cause more damage then the rats sometimes. Food, clothing, furniture, books and many other household items are contaminated by their faeces and urine or damaged by their gnawing. Mice gnaw on electrical wires can cause fires and failure of freezers, clothes dryers and other appliances.


Our standard treatment for mice in the Islington area would include one or two visits includes a combination of baits, traps and a testing service, ensuring that your property is safe from the mice infestation.

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